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With arguably one of the most unique and aesthetic spaces in Huntsville, we're both flattered and happy to host your next event.

    We offer two options to suit your event needs; either the whole 3200 sq.ft. shop or the smaller 1000 sq.ft event space with a  200 sq.ft. stage and private back patio. Pricing varies depending on the day and time, number of staff required, whether you need a PA system, and whether it's being catered. Because of the complexity of planning the perfect event, it's best to email us to get the dialogue going.


Q: Can I have my event catered/ bring in outside food?

A: Absolutely! we're happy to recommend someone

Q: Can I reserve your space Saturday or Sunday morning?

A: Unfortunately, no. We're just too busy. We can however reserve Sat and Sun afternoons and evenings

Q: Can I book my baby shower there?

A: Yes and no. We've hosted a few beautiful showers at Gold Sprint but find that people always want to have them earlier in the day on Saturday or Sunday and unfortunately, we're too busy on the weekends. Secondly, our space works better for parties with 20+ people because rates are based on anticipated drink sales. 

Q: Can I bring in my own beer, wine, or liquor?

A: No. Bringing in outside alcoholic beverages is against ABC policy.  We're happy to develop a cocktail or beer menu specifically for your event 

Q: How do I get my band to play there?

A: Email us a link to your music, social media, and dates you have in mind, we'll go from there

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